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A T/M-shaped innovation hacker from Estonia

What kind of experiences can I bring to Your team?

Design & Media

Raised up in an art class, I have been fond of arts, design & multimedia for a major part of my life. I've worked as a freelance designer, photographer, youtuber, videographer & artist.

Physics & Tech

Everything boils down to the first-principles thinking. Although I am not Elon Musk nor Spock, I use my logic, Physics MSc insight & DIY experience in developing tech.

Education & Leading

The best way to learn anything is to be a teacher and a leader. I have 10+ years of experience in science education, run a photo-video club & lead product development teams.

I collaborate with people, teams, and businesses to brainstorm, prototype and deploy novel products, systems and strategies to offer better value to the world in a sustainable way.

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A creative entrepreneurial mind from Estonia combined with Physics MSc, engineering, team building, project management, product building, public speaking and of course design and art as You can hopefully see on my portfolio.  

A snowboarder, swimmer, runner and cyclist. Yes, keeping my body fit is important as it sharpens my mind. This means doing better in-depth research, critical thinking, focused work and coming up with new ideas.  

A singer, performer, maker, writer, actor. Creativity running through my veins I operate at the crossroads of art and elegance to craft inspiring, compelling and authentic narratives. It is always more about the "Why?" rather than the "How?"

Weapons of choice: Adobe CC, Webflow, Davinci Resolve, Blender, Fusion 360, Clickup. I'm also familiar with Figma, Slack, Discord, Wordpress, Python, C++ (Arduino), power tools, lasercutting, soldering etc.


Selection of case studies

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My roles:
digital artist

Smart Mobility Hub

My roles:
project manager
tech support
sales materials

SPARK Makerlab
(now Medoonity)

My roles:
project manager
financial planner

Cogbug (Keerdvärk)

My roles:
sales & marketing

Electric longboard

My roles:

Inventor's Kit

My Roles:
business dev.
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Services Overview

Project management

Where are we now? How can we keep an eye on the progress? Where can we get funding? What should be done next? Who should we contact? Let's answer these questions!

Product development

No matter if the product is physical, digital or social, there are always ways to improve and offer better value. Let's first find out the "Why?" and figure out the "How?" thereafter.

Research & brainstorming

I work best under conditions where innovation is key to success and where old methods don't seem to work anymore. Let's dig in the data, shake off the status quo and advance!

Video production

Throughout recent years, especially due to lockdown, video has become a totally irreplacable medium for communication. Let's produce Your ads, infomercials, music videos or ...

Building & prototyping

We all have dreams but find it very difficult to get anything done. Let me help You get things started by building a prototype or even a fully working product, be it physical or digital.

Designing stories

We are moved by stories, not just by cold info. Let's combine design & data in a meaningful way to reach more people via web, photos, prints, public performance etc. This is the way.

Don't just take my word for it

I've had the pleasure of working together with ...

Uku Püttsepp

COO & Co-Founder @Degritter

Tarvo Metspalu is like a charged particle! In 2016 we co-founded SPARK Makerlab in Tartu, a open workspace that gained traction as a youth STEM education hub. Tarvo was the one who initiated and led this direction with great passion and results. Only one year after founding Makerlab received a national reward for popuarizing sciences and was repeatedly covered in various large media channels. Furthermore, Tarvo simultaneosly spun up mobile STEM workshops which he sold to South-Estonian schools. This required raising a team and writing projects. Tarvo is one of the most talented and hard working people I have the pleasure of knowing.

Laura Eiche

Multi-talented Designer

Tarvo is a visionary leader, who truly empowers his team and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone, trusting and supporting them in both highs and lows. I am very grateful to have had the chance to work with him.



Tarvo is also an immortal. Shouldn't have said that.



Tarvo is also an immortal. Shouldn't have said that.

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