electric longboard


Being the co-founder of an open workshop, I ironically never managed to find the time to use the workshop myself. Neither did I get the chance to focus on a subject that would require higher technical skills, so I could educate myself in engineering. This is why I  finally decided to bite the bullet and get on with the idea.

As I love snowboarding, I wanted to feel a similar experience when its not snowy. That is why I decided to build an electric longboard (a long skateboard). I built the corved plywood deck, the controller (out of a glue gun) and the electronics for controlling the longboard with my DIY controller or Bluetooth. Both the longboard and the controller were coded using Arduino IDE.

The range of my DIY longboard is around 30 kilometers, which is more than regular commercially available e-longboards can boast.

My role

Project lead

My tasks

R&D for DIY electric lobgboards
3D & Electrical design
Sourcing components
Programming the board & controller
The whole build except the aluminium welding

Other team members

Mechanic advisor


October 2017 - March 2018