Smart Mobility Hub


The Smart Mobility Hub (SMH) is a digital user friendly service information centre on schedules, routes, traffic updates and more. Being solar-powered, the SMH makes it easy to deploy transport information boards city-wide or in rural areas, lowering implementation costs and decreasing operational work.

SMH works as a platform which is designed to be very easily modifiable to cater your needs directly. For example, advertisements can be shown on the screen or pasted onto the casing.
SMH can also enable communicating with self-driving buses for the last mile, while at the same time being ready to serve other means of transport. The device can also be integrated with, for example, bicycle or electrical scooter rental and a taxi ordering center. Additional modules make the SMH capable of counting people, monitoring the environment or streaming a video feed.

My role

Project lead

My tasks

3D design
Components R&D
Sourcing components
Communication with subcontractors
Designing marketing materials

Other team members

Bercman's full-stack engineer
Bercman's junior engineer
Bercman's CEO


January 2020 - September 2020