I like to shoot things.

Took my first photos around 2004, bought my first DSLR around 2008 and got excited in 2011 with a Canon 600D and a 50mm fix lens. A couple of years later I co-founded and run a photo club in University of Tartu. Now, instead of portraying reality I focus on conveying stories and ideas by doing photo manipulations.

Hobby photographers, take note and do not ever be discouraged: the images You see here (and on Instagram, Pinterest etc) have been carefully selected. No sane photographer would ever want You to see all of their images. More often than not, great images are mere accidents as are the most profound scientific discoveries. And I do not call myself a professional by a long shot. 

“I am not a cat.” – DFV

Real or online events, I can help with both.

Partnered with TEDx Tartu, Tartu Health College etc.
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